What buying schemes are offered by Lancet Homes?

What buying schemes are offered by Lancet Homes?

If you’re looking to buy a new build home, navigating the process just got a whole lot easier! Lancet Homes offers a range of new home buying schemes designed to make the home buying process a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

Join us as we explore some of our schemes and initiatives which are designed to provide flexibility and convenience to homebuyers. 

What is Assisted Move? 

If you’re looking for extra help and support in selling your current property, Assisted Move has you covered. Assisted Move aims to provide assistance in selling your current home whilst you concentrate on the excitement of moving into your dream new build property. 

Assisted Move with Lancet Homes  

As part of the Assisted Move scheme, we are proud to offer dedicated support to guide you through the process of selling your existing home. Our team works closely with the estate agent to ensure a proactive and efficient selling experience, keeping you informed every step of the way.  

As we acknowledge that every home sale is unique, our Assisted Move scheme aims to provide flexibility in buying timelines. We work with you to establish a schedule that works with your preferences, ensuring a smooth transition into your new build home. 

With Assisted Move, we also pay your estate agent fees, so you’ll have more spare cash to spend on your new home. 

What is Part Exchange? 

If you’re looking to exchange your existing home for a new build property, Part Exchange is the perfect solution. The scheme essentially allows homeowners to trade in their current property as part of the payment for a new one, simplifying the buying process.  

Part Exchange with Lancet Homes 

As part of our Part Exchange scheme, we are effectively a cash buyer of your current property, so, you’ll be able to stay in your existing home until completion. You also won’t need to wait for a chain to complete, so you can move in when your new Lancet home is ready. 

Using our Part Exchange initiative also removes the stress of finding a suitable buyer, dealing with negotiations, or managing the uncertainties that often come with selling a property independently. 

A stress-free path to your dream home 

With our new home buying schemes, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing your home purchase is in good hands.  

Whether you choose Assisted Move or Part Exchange, we are committed to providing expert guidance and support throughout the whole of your home buying journey. 

To start your home buying journey, check out our range of new build homes for sale here.