The Benefits of Investing in a New Build Home in the North West

The Benefits of Investing in a New Build Home in the North West

As the housing market continues to evolve, there has never been a better time to consider investing in a new build home.  

If you’re in search of the perfect location to invest, why not consider the north west of England? Recognised as one of the best places to invest in a new build property in the UK, the region benefits from vibrant cities, excellent transport links and consistently increasing property value.  

Join us as we explore some of the reasons why you should consider a property investment in the north west region. 

Increased Property Value

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a property in the north west is the increase in property value. As well as boasting lower property prices in comparison to the rest of the UK, investors will be delighted by the opportunity to benefit from rising property values too.  

There are also some upcoming projects that could increase the value of homes in the north west, including the North Network plan which aims to build better connectivity in the region.   

A Vibrant Region

The north west is known as one of the UK’s most exciting and beautiful regions. Boasting vibrant cities such as Manchester and Preston, to towns like Rochdale and Oldham, there’s plenty to explore in the north west. 

These key locations offer a great range of entertainment and culture, making it a brilliant choice for growing families and first-time buyers.  

Excellent Transport Links

The north west benefits from great transport links, both within the region and beyond. Major road networks, such as the M6 and M62, link the north west to Yorkshire and the Midlands.  

If you are looking to travel further afield, Manchester Airport is one of the largest airports in the UK, offering flights to some of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. 

Economic Hubs

The north west is a great centre for both business and job opportunities, allowing residents to take advantage of the fantastic economic hubs within the region. 

Investing in a new build home for sale in the north west means owning a property near a great job market and career opportunities that are attractive to potential renters. 

Investing in a home with Lancet Homes

Buying a Lancet Home offers an array of benefits, ranging from contemporary living spaces to long-term financial gains. 

Our new build homes come equipped with the latest energy-efficient technologies. From advanced insulation to high-performance windows and energy-saving appliances, these features not only contribute to a greener environment but also lead to substantial cost savings on utility bills. 

To provide homeowners with spaces that meet the demands of today's lifestyle, our homes also prioritise modern architecture and innovative design. Additionally, the use of modern construction materials and techniques ensures a higher standard of quality compared to older properties. 

If you are considering property investment opportunities, check our range of houses for sale in the North West.