Are New Homes More Energy Efficient?

Are New Homes More Energy Efficient?

From improved energy efficiency, minimal maintenance requirements and reduced running costs, there are more reasons than ever to buy a new build home. 

Choosing an energy-efficient home is a great choice for the planet, as well as your wallet. Whether you are conscious about doing your bit for the environment or motivated by the idea of cutting your energy bills, it is no surprise that one in four of us views energy efficiency as key when purchasing a new home.

Looking to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle at home? Read on as we explore why new homes are more energy-efficient and how purchasing a newly built property can help you contribute to and enjoy a greener way of living. 

Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

Energy efficiency plays a vital role in helping to mitigate climate change, conserving valuable resources and securing a healthier planet for years to come. It means using less energy to accomplish a similar, or better outcome. 

Living a more energy-efficient lifestyle is an essential part of paving the way for a more resilient and sustainable future. By reducing our energy consumption, we not only decrease the impact of our carbon footprint but can also reduce our bills and even improve our health.

Are New Build Homes More Energy Efficient Than Older Properties?

In short, yes! Research has proven that most homes that have been newly built will be more energy efficient than properties that were built a number of years ago. 

According to a report by the Home Builder Federation (HBF), those who buy a new build home will pay 63% less annually than those living in an older home. That is just over £3,1000 per year, which is a huge saving for any household!

Along with reducing the costs for households, new build homes emit a third of the carbon produced by traditional housing. This is because most new build homes, including Lancet Homes, are rated with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of B or above. 

Why Are New Build Homes More Energy Efficient?

From build through to completion, every Lancet home is also built with energy efficiency at the forefront and these are the reasons why you should consider a new build if you’re looking to purchase a new home.

Over the last few years, building regulations have progressively tightened due to the growing concern for the environment. The standards for constructing new homes now require increased insulation, minimised HVAC system duct leakage, and reduced air leakage from outside of the building envelope. 

Stricter Building Regulations

Where older properties might lack sufficient, if any, insulation in their roof spaces due to the absence of requirements when they were constructed, new build homes are insulated to attain a minimum level of thermal performance. 

And with new regulations being developed to ensure that all new homes use renewable or low-carbon heating from 2024, the energy efficiency of new homes is only going to increase over older properties. 

Sustainable Materials

New build properties are built using eco-friendly materials and  sustainable building practices, which supports our efforts to be more sustainable. 

Where older properties are typically more expensive to run, due to outdated plumbing systems, poor insulation, loose roof tiles and old wiring, new homes integrate sustainable building materials. These materials are selected for their eco-friendly properties, contributing to a lower environmental impact while enhancing a home’s energy-saving performance. 

By integrating sustainable building materials, new build homes not only reduce their carbon footprint but also provide superior thermal performance and airtightness. This commitment to using environmentally conscious materials means that buyers can move straight into a home that has been built using up-to-date technology and materials. 

Energy-Efficient Design

Energy-efficient design takes centre stage in our commitment to allow residents to live a greener lifestyle. Our energy-efficient homes have been specifically designed to ensure maximum energy conservation and maximise comfort. 

Energy-efficient design doesn’t just stop at construction; it also integrates innovative technologies like smart thermostats and energy-efficient appliances, empowering homeowners to actively manage their energy usage. This holistic approach creates living spaces that redefine the concept of a truly sustainable lifestyle. 

Where Can I Buy An Energy Efficient Home?

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient home for sale that perfectly marries sustainable living with modern luxury, look no further than Lancet Homes. Our commitment to energy-efficient homes sets us apart as an environmentally conscious developer that offers innovation and responsible construction. 

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your home, Lancet Homes offers a diverse range of meticulously designed new build properties that prioritise energy efficiency. Visit our range of available homes to step into a lifestyle that harmonises with both your aspirations and the environment.